Fantasy Lands

Fantasy LandsFantasy Lands is a game system  designed to be played  by people who wish to co-operatively create an alternate world by deciding and altering it’s characteristics in a competitive or social way. The game  accomplished this by making the rules for God’s, Diplomats, Armies, and Adventurers compatible in each way they can affect eachother and influence each-other’s strategy. The system comprises an interoperable set of 3 games;

  • FLiGG(Fantasy Lands is God Gaming), where the players take on the role of Deities and decide the rules of the universe, shape the land and create it’s peoples, and distribute blessings and wrath;
  • FLiCaS(Fantasy Lands is Civilization and Strategy), in which players take on the roles of diplomats, rulers, and ambassadors to strategically create cities and countries;
  • FLiTWiC(Fantasy Lands is Tabletop Wargaming in Campaign), In which players decide the political geography is decided by military strategy;
  • FLiaRP(Fantasy Lands is about Role Playing), In which player take on the role of individual adventurers, heroes, explorers, discoverers, and planetary notables

This is the official home of the fantasy land’s PDF downloads page. These PDF’s contain all of the Fantasy Lands materials that the web site does, in printer friendly format. I have also got copies of each rules sheet in blue ink for those of you who do not want to waste black ink. For the Official Site of the Fantasy Lands project, and the web rules of the game, and all official news and material, please go to The Fantasy Lands Project.

Fantasy Lands Core Rules