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How to Recycle Video Game Consoles

What do you do when your shiny new game console isn’t so shiny anymore and the newest version is about to hit the shelves?  Maybe you have a really old relic of a game system that you have in the back of a closet that you just haven’t had the heart to throw away. Well, before you throw your old console away, give it a shot at reincarnation as something better. Yes, you can recycle game consoles. You can use a green and affordable rubbish clearance service and dispose of game consoles the eco-friendly way.

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Fantasy Lands

Fantasy LandsFantasy Lands is a game system  designed to be played  by people who wish to co-operatively create an alternate world by deciding and altering it’s characteristics in a competitive or social way. The game  accomplished this by making the rules for God’s, Diplomats, Armies, and Adventurers compatible in each way they can affect eachother and influence each-other’s strategy. The system comprises an interoperable set of 3 games;

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Random Starting Equipment

d-n-dI hear a lot of people say that they do not like the way D&D handles starting equipment. For my part, I really think that the whole process lacks variability in the initial options it presents to the player. Some characters might be wealthy and good at what they do, some characters might have had excellent luck, some characters might be broke and homeless, some characters might have just been robbed. Many of them will be thrust in to new situations that will not allow them to return to their previous residences or possessions. Continue reading Random Starting Equipment

Conversations with Myself: Running the Game for the Players, Ambrose Style

Icewind DaleI have a confession to make: I have never run a traditional dungeon. Not that I have anything against it, but I came to D&D from the video game world, specifically Icewind Dale, a game where much of the interest lies in the traveling and meeting people and such, because frankly, the combat is pretty boring. No it isn’t. It’s just an acquired taste. To tell you the truth, I love the crap out of it and it is one of the ONLY video games I still play. At any rate, like Icewind Dale, most of my games involve a lot of being on the road, lots of wilderness travel, and most of my important NPC’s are at least introduced in those scenes. The dungeons in the game are big and cool, but I really don’t care that much about them. Continue reading Conversations with Myself: Running the Game for the Players, Ambrose Style