How to Recycle Video Game Consoles

What do you do when your shiny new game console isn’t so shiny anymore and the newest version is about to hit the shelves?  Maybe you have a really old relic of a game system that you have in the back of a closet that you just haven’t had the heart to throw away. Well, before you throw your old console away, give it a shot at reincarnation as something better. Yes, you can recycle game consoles. You can use a green and affordable rubbish clearance service and dispose of game consoles the eco-friendly way.

Why Recycle?

Video game consoles and other electronic waste are made from plastics and metals that would be better off being recycled than tossed away. Metals are a non-renewable resource and so is the oil that makes up most plastic. If your console still works, selling or donating it may be a better option, but if it’s broken, then recycling is the next best option.

The materials in your game console are not things that you would want to get into your environment. Beryllium, for example, is used in a lot of electronics and computer equipment. Specifically, it’s used in circuit boards as a heat sink. It can take up heat. Beryllium can cause health problems when released into the environment, though. Berylliosis is an incurable chronic lung disease caused by beryllium poisoning. In order for the beryllium in your console to get into the air, it would take extraordinary measures, but that’s just an example of how toxic some of the contents of your console are.

Landfills are not a good option for e-waste clearance and neither is incineration. While landfills try to keep their contents away from groundwater, there’s no way to be 100% sure that they will be perfectly sealed especially if many strong chemicals get in. Be safe. Keep hazardous electronics out of landfills.

How to Recycle

First, remove personal data from the hard drive. Make sure that thing has no idea who you are by the time turn it over. This is true of every electronic device you sell or recycle that may contain personal data of any kind.

Second, recycle your console . In some locations you may be able to throw your console in with your mixed recycling.  Otherwise, locate an e-waste recycling center near you. If there isn’t one locally you may have to mail it in. Though, there are many rubbish removal companies involved in e-waste recycling so you will likely find someone locally willing to take your console.

E-waste disposal and recycling is a complicated process. It isn’t always entirely efficient. That’s why it is better to donate or sell your console if it still works.  If it doesn’t work, recycling is a great option.  Your old games are recyclable as well, but most likely they will retain some value and can be donated and sold.

The metals and plastics from your console can be extracted and reused. This saved energy because not as much of those metals and oil will have to be extracted from the ground and turned into usable material. Some of the metals in electronics are so rare that we may run out of them within the next century. That’s why e-waste removal and recycling is so important.